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did you know?….

  • All outlets in kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor and unfinished areas require gfci protection.
  • A gfci outlet is an outlet that protects you from shock due to faulty wiring or contact with water. They have a test and reset button and should be tested frequently.
  • Code currently requires smoke/CO detection on every floor of a house in addition to one smoke detector per bedroom. These shall all be interconnected.
  • Dimmers need to be sized according to the wattage they control. They will be warm to the touch, but should not be hot!!
  • Open splicing in homes is a major concern. That is what we call it when multiple wires are spliced together in open-air. This needs to always be done in an approved electrical box with a cover. Check your attic, this is where we find them a lot!
  • Most insurance companies are now requiring homeowners to upgrade from fuses to circuit breakers. This is a good thing. While fuses do provide protection for the conductors in your home they are installed in equipment which is probably over 40 years old!! DO NOT trust this equipment to function the way it was designed that long ago. It is important to realize what that piece of equipment is protecting you and your family from…fire. Just because it has been working this long does not mean it will continue to do so. It will also probably fail at an inconvenient time. I have changed out several services in the middle of the night which doubles the cost. It is an excellent upgrade to your home and worth the peace of mind, but do it on your own terms.
  • Circuit breakers should be cycled (turned on and off) about once a year to insure proper functionality.
  • Surge protection can be installed in your breaker panel to protect your entire home from electrical surges due to utility or lightning. Surge protectors should still be used for sensitive equipment like entertainment centers and computers.
  • Installing ceiling fans in living and bedrooms can reduce heating and cooling costs.
  • Many of my customers have voiced concerns when they see a blue spark eminate from an outlet when they insert or disconnect a cord. What they have witnessed is an arc. This phenomenon occurs when an appliance demanding electricity (is turned on) is connected or disconnected to an outlet. When there becomes a gap between the prongs on the cord and the conductors in the outlet you witness electricity trying to bridge that gap. This does not imply that there is something wrong with your outlet.
  • Electric ranges and dryers should be supplied by a 4-wire cord and outlet. This will provide proper grounding protection.

Services we offer

  • Residential and commercial installation
  • Service upgrades
  • House rewiring
  • Trenching/underground cable repairs
  • Commercial lighting maintenance
  • Bath fan remodels
  • Lighting consultation
  • Emergency backup generator installation